I was making my way home tonight, head filled with a daydream, when suddenly my breath caught in my chest.  I turned onto University headed west and caught a glimpse of the just-after-sunset sky.  There were, floating a ways above the skyline, a few long, narrow, thick, deep blue-grey clouds.  Between these and the horizon was a lovely matte mist of gold.  Really, it was misty!  Nothing shiny, nothing glowing, nothing glittering, nothing gaudy.  It looked like… fog on a mirror.  Gold fog breathed on quickly fading blue sky.  As I continued, the dusty, misty gold began to settled, gathering lower, nearer the horizon, and the sky behind deepened into a gorgeous mauve.  Please, don’t separate those hues as you see the vision in your mind’s eye.  The gold was as a veil over the mauve… It’s a wonder I didn’t wreck my car getting home.  My eyes were glued to the scene as soon as I was struck by its beauty, breathed there by God.  It was Art in its highest form.  I’ve never seen a sky like that.

I wanted to share the picture as best I could in words.  I wouldn’t dream of trying to shorten it for twitter’s sake, so I decided to share it here, though it doesn’t really amount to a blogpost.  I hope your imagination is vivid enough to be charmed by my inadequate description.


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