Shadows unseen inside some caves,
The birdsongs sung unheard today,
The stories written and thrown away,
The paintings painted, then unmade.
Still speak your Name. They shout your praise.

Your sun, all ablaze,
Your clouds, your rain,
Your wind, your waves,
These give me courage, make me brave,
That I may walk through each day,
For every leaf and tree You spake,
Moreover, in your image I am made
To carry your Name, to shout your praise.

We fell
We rebelled for we craved,
Oh, we desired to have your fame.
We sought our own praise,
Still we aim to be known by name.
We saw our shame,
Saw the blood, could not erase.

But You loved, so You came,
And your life You gave,
That I might follow You to the grave.
And in your Life, I’d be raised,
So give me courage, make me brave.
‘Cause all I want is to shout your Name.
Give me faith, oh, give me grace,
I want no more than to see your face.
I’ll sit at your feet. I’ll lift my gaze,
Lift my hands, my voice, in praise.


One thought on “Praise

  1. What an awesome piece of writing friend. What a great reminder of the gospel! He loves us despite of us. emmm. That is worthy of praise.

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